Becoming an SNT Facilitator is about taking a step that will profoundly impact both you and your Success Networking Team (SNT) members. With your commitment and dedication, the time you spend with your SNT will yield immeasurable benefits for the entire team.

As an SNT Facilitator, you and your SNT will practice coaching and being coached, setting and achieving goals, and holding one another accountable for your commitments. These are real-world skills that employers prize. The leadership and team-building experience you will gain with your SNT can put you over the top in your quest for that first job, graduate admission, entrepreneurial opportunity or other milestones.

As a SNT facilitator, you carry on a rich tradition that originated in the early 20th century with personal-success pioneer and author Napoleon Hill, who developed the concept after working with some of America’s most successful people. Hill found that many of the top achievers of his time cultivated teams that met regularly to share ideas and support each other. Today, successful people everywhere participate in Success Networking Teams to promote and encourage great accomplishment.

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— The National Society of Leadership and Success – Sigma Alpha Pi